Helping your child through Covid-19

During this time of uncertainty, we have an elevated level of concern for our children. That's normal. We may worry about their future- and our future. Will our children get sick? Will we get sick? How long will this last? WIll we ever be back to normal? Will I lose my job and the ability to financially provide for my family? These are all natural questions. We have never lived through something quite like we are living through right now. This is a time when our faith can be tested. I always say it’s easy to say we trust God and live by faith when life is easy. It’s also easier to “trust” and “have faith” when we are more in control. Isn’t that ironic? God has been convicting me that I’m really not relying on Him during those easy times. Are we uncomfortable now because of a natural fear or are we uncomfortable now because getting out of our comfort zone gets our attention?

Don’t get me wrong, I like my comfort zone. But what am I missing when I am in it? What if I took this time to be intentional about things that really matter? Things like impacting lives for eternity, spending quality time with those I love, and thanking God for the many things He gives me that I am taking for granted are starters. What would you like to be intentional about with your children? They may not remember everything that happened during this time, but they will remember how you made them feel. Do they see me trusting God? Do they see you trusting God? Do they see anger and frustration? No matter which side you are on, do they see an unhealthy attitude about politics? How can we be the adults children need during this time? They are always watching and they pick up on more than what we would like to admit.

Here are some practical tips to help your child through this time:

  1. Minimize what/how much they hear from the media. They are young and internalize a lot. They don't need to have concerns about not having enough food, money, or toilet paper:) Those are adult concerns.
  2. Instill confidence in their continued care.
  3. Keep routines as normal as possible. Kids need structure and routine. Hopefully this new "norm" will only be a short time, but your child will do best if routines are practiced.
  4. Treasure this time with your child and use it as a teachable time. Our children look to us and will remember how we dealt with this.
  5. Reach out for support in ways you need.
  6. Be in prayer, read God’s Word, and try to speak positivity.
  7. Having “me” time is extremely hard to schedule right now. Be creative. Early bedtimes will help immensely.
  8. Ask for help and/or schedule “quiet time” for your child.
  9. Avoid the temptation to have “mom guilt” or “dad guilt”- that is not from God. As long as you are doing your best with what you have been given, that is from the enemy.
  10. Find what helps you feel connected (zoom, Facetime, phone calls, drive thru coffee breaks, etc.) God didn’t mean for us to be isolated.

Remember, much of what makes Transform Church so special is doing real life together with other believers. No one is perfect. We all need support. We are all meant to have a relationship with Christ and relationships with one another. We are not meant to do this alone and we are here for you.