Why we will no longer live stream our services

On Sunday, March 15th 2020 we began streaming our church services for the first time. Prior to that day, Transform Church didn’t even own a camera! Little did we know that we’d continue live streaming our Sunday services for more than two years. We did the right thing then and we would do it again, but those were unique times. No one knew what to do or what was dangerous or safe. Though our world will probably never get “back to normal” we believe for the following reasons that the time has come to no longer live stream our church services on Sunday mornings. Here's why:

1. The church is a group of people that belong to one another

When the New Testament talks about the church, it talks about people gathered together and belonging to one another (Acts 2:46). Church is not something we watch from the outside but something we become active participants of. Apart from the people coming together, there is no church (Matt. 16:18).

2. People need to use their gifts

The New Testament metaphor for the church is a body (1 Cor. 12:27). The body works best when all of its parts are working together. Consuming content online apart from the church body does not allow us to serve each other and build up the church. When we serve together, we build a real community that is mutually beneficial.

3. Ministry will continue online

We will continue to invest in video, social media and our online presence, but as a supplement to the church and not a replacement of it. We will continue to use all possible means to reach people far from God (1 Cor. 9:22) but we want them to experience what will help them grow the most-being a part of a local church.

4. Other churches have just as much value

If you’re out of town for the weekend, you should visit another church and see what God is doing there. If you live out of state, you should find a Bible-believing, gospel-centered church in your area to plug in to. A Christian detached from a local church is a prime target for the enemy to take advantage of (1 Peter 5:8).

5. The next generation matters

Our children and grandchildren need to hear the gospel in a way they can understand (Transform kids and youth ministry). They need to grow up knowing their family prioritized the local church. They need to be around other believers that will invest in them, mentor them and hold them accountable (Psalm 78:6). These touch points and relationships are impossible to recreate watching a preacher on a device by yourself or even as a family.