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Simple steps in the right direction make all the difference. Walking with Jesus is not a sprint but a marathon and these four steps will be important for you no matter where you are on the journey.

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Step 1

Read your bible and pray

When we read our Bibles, God talks to us. When we pray, we talk to God. We recommend starting with the book of John in the New Testament. There are 21 chapters packed with things to learn about who Jesus is.

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Step 2

Attend church consistently

You weren’t meant to live the Christian life alone. On Sunday’s we gather as one people to lift up the name of Jesus and learn from the Word of God together. We also have a chance to serve one another and new guests that will hear about Jesus for the first time.

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Step 3

Join a community group

On Sunday’s we gather all together but during the week we scatter into groups. We want people to have real relationships with others at the church and the best way to do that is to join a group of 12-18 adults who will care for you and walk through life alongside of you.

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Step 4

Get baptized

Baptism is the outward symbol of an inward reality. In baptism we go under the water to symbolize we have been buried with Christ and come back out to symbolize our new life with him. Baptism doesn’t save anyone, but it’s an important step to go public with your faith and identify as a follower of Christ.

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